Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Waiting to start...

How come in life something’s seem harder than others to start. Take right now for instance I really should be cleaning my house, yet here I am typing just so I can procrastinate is just for a bit longer.  I feel this is a habit that I have embraced convincing myself that I work will under pressure. When the truth of the matter is I hate to procrastinate. I hat feeling the pressure that I have to do something.  Ah well nothing can be done except for thing that I must do.
    Today however it maybe harder then ever to get things done. My little one is home sick. Although if one were to look at her you would not be able to tell that she is; because once that children’s Tylenol kicks in all bets are off that any work can get done. This is okay thought because I love spending time with her.
    Last night I gave her a special treat, it was a Ready Reader book. I can not express the amount of pride I felt as I watch her read. {I must have the smartest 6 year old alive!}  It made me think how learning to read is just like life. Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes you stumble your way  through it, sometimes you take your time, and sometimes you just don’t know. In the end however is the reward you get when you make it through with a great accomplishment.  If you think about we are all characters in our own books our action are the words that leave their trace on another’s soul. Just think you are a legend in the making good or  bad depends on your actions. Your trails add to the complexity and make it more compelling for others to  want to be a part of. {Have I ever told you I love the symbolism of life..}

    I have so much to get done today that it is crazy! I must start this adventure of my day. If hadn’t had to go to school today I would probably be ending sooner. This alas is life.
I hope your day is Blessed!

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