Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 Plan

This new year I am taking a semester off of school. There are many factors in my decision but I feel that the most important one is  because I need to work on me. There are so many things that I want for myself that I have neglected due to time. So now I need to come up with a plan.
The following is a plan for 2012
A plan for 2012
Work on my spiritual side daily
{How this can be accomplished}
Read Scriptures Daily
Read a daily talk
  Pray more
Hold regular FHE

Work on my Relationship with the hubby
{How this can be accomplished}
Do something everyday for him so he knows how much I love him
Stop and think before I react
Take a more active interest in his hobbies
Forgive more fight less

Work on my Relationship with Megs
{How this can be accomplished}
Do something everyday so she knows how much I love her
Be more understanding
Do something fun with her everyday
Talk less and listen more

Work on Relationships with friends
{How this can be accomplished}
Talk less listen more
Do more for them to lighten their load
Let them know more how much I appreciate them

Work on getting healthy physically and mentally
{How this can be accomplished}
No sugar
Reduce refine carbohydrates
Do yoga daily
Work out daily
Surround myself with positive people
Do something for me everyday
Yell less
Create more

I think with these things will help me create a better life for me and my family. What are your plans for making a better life next year?

I hope your day is blessed!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I wish I knew who made this beautiful portrait I love the look of love and compassion in the Saviors eyes. {I found this picture via Pinterest}

I love the symbolism of Christmas. There is so much meaning and thought behind every tradition. I am if you have not guess by now a symbolism nut. I find true beauty and meaning in it. I also feel that almost every deed  and action can symbolize something more and better; not only for ourselves but for the others around us. It is like that old saying, actions speak louder than words.    
    This is the time when our actions take notice and others find meaning. I have noticed lately that no matter what I do I am being watched. Not only by the little eyes of my child, but also by the curious eyes of stranger.  Wondering how I am going to handle my situation that I am in. Sometimes they are a quiet bystander with an understanding or differential looks and  sometimes comments are made. The moments are brief.  I often wonder however what the impact is, and did I make a positive impact. Now I know that there are something I could have handle better, when I am at the end of my “parenting” rope. I also know that things are not always has they appear. I know that I am guilty of the act of looking and listening to others as well. In a way I find it comforting sometimes thinking, I am so happy I am not the only one.
    I love this idea that we are in this world together and we should make it better for others and ourselves. My prayer is that for this Christmas we remember the person who has made a great impact on the lives of all. That when we have the opportunity to make a impression on others that they see the Saviors influence on my life. I hope that when my daughter looks into the past she has an understanding  of the love the Savior has for us, and that the symbolism that we have been given is cherished for the correct reasons.

I hope your day is blessed!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Waiting to start...

How come in life something’s seem harder than others to start. Take right now for instance I really should be cleaning my house, yet here I am typing just so I can procrastinate is just for a bit longer.  I feel this is a habit that I have embraced convincing myself that I work will under pressure. When the truth of the matter is I hate to procrastinate. I hat feeling the pressure that I have to do something.  Ah well nothing can be done except for thing that I must do.
    Today however it maybe harder then ever to get things done. My little one is home sick. Although if one were to look at her you would not be able to tell that she is; because once that children’s Tylenol kicks in all bets are off that any work can get done. This is okay thought because I love spending time with her.
    Last night I gave her a special treat, it was a Ready Reader book. I can not express the amount of pride I felt as I watch her read. {I must have the smartest 6 year old alive!}  It made me think how learning to read is just like life. Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes you stumble your way  through it, sometimes you take your time, and sometimes you just don’t know. In the end however is the reward you get when you make it through with a great accomplishment.  If you think about we are all characters in our own books our action are the words that leave their trace on another’s soul. Just think you are a legend in the making good or  bad depends on your actions. Your trails add to the complexity and make it more compelling for others to  want to be a part of. {Have I ever told you I love the symbolism of life..}

    I have so much to get done today that it is crazy! I must start this adventure of my day. If hadn’t had to go to school today I would probably be ending sooner. This alas is life.
I hope your day is Blessed!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Blessing that are worth waiting for.


     Sometimes in my humble opinion life feels like a waiting game, a long line to what you are waiting for it to be. This is how my life sometimes feel. We’re waiting to finish school, we’re waiting to hear back from the dozen job interviews, we’re waiting for a child {Not  by our own choice I might add}. I have commonly called this phase in our lives that it is like living in J-ello. And we are trying to wiggle ourselves to the top just to get out!  The wiggling takes a lot of work but in the end it will all be worth it, and we can move on into our next trial.
    Trials are funny things, they can really shape a persons outlook on life. I honestly don’t know how the hubs and have done this last 3 years, without a job, and both of us in school. I will say this it has something to do with a kind and loving Heavenly Father. I am not sure how many can say this but this last 3 years of trials have brought us closer then ever before. Now don’t get me wrong there are still battles and it is not easy; but I now know that I have someone whom I love very much beside me for everything. If anything this trial of our has made us rich in comparison to when we “Had  it all “ .
    With a new year rapidly approaching I cannot help but think excitement of change is in the air and all is good within the world of our tiny home. I have a little one whom I adore and constantly keeps me on my toes, I have the support of my hubby,  and I have a circle of amazing friends whom I am so blessed to call my family, but most important I have the Gospel. I know that blessed because of this. Sometimes it is nice to look in mirror and think wow, I am truly blessed.
I hope your day is blessed!

Ps.    So here is a fun factoid about me I love quotes!  I really do I try to put a new one up weekly in my home. To think someone once said this group of organized words and the are still being used to uplift people today. I love it! So my new goal is to have words to live by at the end of my post we will see how long they last but I thought I would try it!