Friday, December 2, 2011

Blessing that are worth waiting for.


     Sometimes in my humble opinion life feels like a waiting game, a long line to what you are waiting for it to be. This is how my life sometimes feel. We’re waiting to finish school, we’re waiting to hear back from the dozen job interviews, we’re waiting for a child {Not  by our own choice I might add}. I have commonly called this phase in our lives that it is like living in J-ello. And we are trying to wiggle ourselves to the top just to get out!  The wiggling takes a lot of work but in the end it will all be worth it, and we can move on into our next trial.
    Trials are funny things, they can really shape a persons outlook on life. I honestly don’t know how the hubs and have done this last 3 years, without a job, and both of us in school. I will say this it has something to do with a kind and loving Heavenly Father. I am not sure how many can say this but this last 3 years of trials have brought us closer then ever before. Now don’t get me wrong there are still battles and it is not easy; but I now know that I have someone whom I love very much beside me for everything. If anything this trial of our has made us rich in comparison to when we “Had  it all “ .
    With a new year rapidly approaching I cannot help but think excitement of change is in the air and all is good within the world of our tiny home. I have a little one whom I adore and constantly keeps me on my toes, I have the support of my hubby,  and I have a circle of amazing friends whom I am so blessed to call my family, but most important I have the Gospel. I know that blessed because of this. Sometimes it is nice to look in mirror and think wow, I am truly blessed.
I hope your day is blessed!

Ps.    So here is a fun factoid about me I love quotes!  I really do I try to put a new one up weekly in my home. To think someone once said this group of organized words and the are still being used to uplift people today. I love it! So my new goal is to have words to live by at the end of my post we will see how long they last but I thought I would try it!

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