Monday, November 21, 2011


Welcome to my new little blog here on the web. I wish I could say that I am new to the blogging world, but alas I am not. I have tried in the past to blog and I was good at it for awhile but then it lost my interest and I moved on. In fact I would start a new blog with a new interest, and the cycle would repeat itself. {It is amazing to me how many blogs you can have} I think though I have figured out how to break this cycle which is to start a new blog. I know this sounds the opposite of what I just said but hear me out. Instead of classifying this blog as a craft blog, cooking blog or crocheting blog I just assume not to assign it as any type of blog but let it take form and just be what ever I want it to be for that post. Just simple, in other words just me.
The name for the blog is truth I want this to be a source for my daughter to look at and get to know me, when she is older. I want her to know my struggles so that when she is a mother she can look back and learn from my mistakes, and triumphs. Life is a beautiful journey with bumps and turns along the way, sometimes I forget what my role is and I lose myself. In the end however when I find myself again I am always amaze with how strong I was and how much stronger I have become.
I know that most of my strength comes from my faith in a kind and good Heavenly Father. I am amazed at the beauty he gives me everyday in my blessings. I even find that trials have beauty in them if you open yourself up to it. As most have guess I am a Mormon.
Here is a little more abut me, I am in school right now to become a Registered Dietitian {RD}. I want to be an RD because 4 years ago I found out I have PCOS , and endometriosis I know this sounds like an odd choice considering but what I learned when researching PCOS and endometriosis is that food has a direct impact on why I am infertile. So the plan is to study this in detail and not only help expand my family but other as well.
I also love to craft, sew, crochet, photography, bake, cook and so on. I love to be creative so much that I even include that as part of my diet plan. {only 50lbs to go!} When ever I feel a craving that I know I do not need {such as sugar} I create first. This usually means I am making something constantly.
I am so excited to start this blog and just letting it evolve to what it needs to be at the moment I need it. I also am looking forward to making friends I think this is going to be great!

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